Video Game UI design,

This article is really helpful and insightful into the areas of UI design and considerations unique to game development.

This article from smashing magazine is also a good read

Astraeus Group project research ~ Daryl

Here I researched two cooperative/multiplayer games and styles and how the controls function with these sort of first person and third person views. Which way has nice design and layout detail.

The first game: Guerrilla Bob

platforms: iphone, android, mac and pc

symbiosis: Guerrilla Bob is an action-packed shooter game with stunning visuals, plenty of kick-ass weaponry, unique enemies, explosive ammunition and non-stop humor. Features multiplayer coop gameplay.

This game shows how you control your character in third person perspective and how you interact with the world. I.e shoot, open object when close beside them.

the second game: Doom

platform: iphone

symbiosis: First Person Shooter DOOM. As a space marine stationed on the planet Mars, you are all that stands between the armies of Hell and their invasion of planet Earth!

This game shows how you control your character in first person perspective and how you interact with the world. I.e shoot, open doors etc..  able to save and leave at any point, can change controls of interface to suite you. Nice customizability to every user preferences.

Conclusion: I gained a better understanding in how to control a game character in a first, third person perspective. It also gave me inspirational ideas in design and how to design a layout to suite a mobile gaming device.

Major Group Project Idea – daryl

Group: James Heffernan – Programming.
Sarah Bennion – Project Manager and Audio.
Daryl Mc Mahon – Design and Flash animator.
Patrick Sliney – Designer & Writer.

This is a Mobile Cooperative Space adventure game, Where you and another player play through levels together over Bluetooth technology.

Target audience: Teenagers

Game Narrative:

The games narrative is based around the year 2200 in our solar system. We are finally discovering life on other planets,  However we are now in defense as intergalactic war is falling out on other solar systems. So we are now to fend for our own Solar system as of this intergalactic war. We now scavenging planets for raw materials to keep ourselves at bay and in defense for other planets and galaxy’s attacking our own solar system.

How to do a group blog on a game ~ Daryl

i was researching on how a group game blog can be achieved. Following similar principals to this


It shows concept art, inspiration and development on ideas and using this principal on our own group blog, this would definitely help maintain a strong principal in how to do a blog on a game in development. So i found this article very useful and informative. I hope the group does to.