Listing Roles ~ Daryl

Recently we had completed a brainstorm in class listing all the various roles that can be in a project and am sure there was even more that we didn’t mention. But the main roles mentioned in the brainstorm were:

Project manager: Duties consists of keeping the group and project organized and on schedule for deadline of the project deadline. Amongst other tasks in paperwork,gant charts, communications tools, etc..

Programmer: Duties consists of programming the live interactive element of the project into the design. e.g mobile game, if screen is touch burst balloon. Programming software java, actionscript and Lingo

Writter: Duites consist of organizing the script or the plan of how the project will unfold and what should the end design consist of and instructions and phases on how the group should complete the project.

Research: Duties for all class students in researching and gaining an extra insight into related fields of your project you may be possible following up, and what is the best way to complete them.

Designer: Duties consist of designing concept art and final art for the project whether it is graphical or even set design for the project. Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects.

Audio: Duties consist of designing the sound for the project, e.g game noises,melodies,general music for enhancement of a project. Software used is Pro Tools

Video: Duties consist of film and how it is completed to possible make an interactive narrative camerawork,lighting,editing,scripting, story boarding,location. Software used Avid and final cut pro.

After we listed and discussed many of these roles in detail and how it is good to have an equal balance of roles in students specializing in certain roles. As it makes the project more balanced and better structured to complete. We then had to pick roles what we would like to specialize. I picked Design and video, both I have a keen interest in. At the end of the class choosing of our preferred roles we seen a serious lack in programmers as only 3 fellow students would want to do the programming for a project as they all preferred to do something aside from programming. However this didn’t bother me as I had already been conversing with fellow students for possible groups and we all seemed to be balanced in selection of choosing roles. And I don’t mind even doing a bit of programming to help the group., or in fact anything. Because  at the end of the day you get in what you put out and the more efficient we can be as individuals the better we can be as a group.


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