My Multimedia idea: Finalized ~ Daryl

So now the inevitable had to arrive, I now have to choose between the interactive narrative I previously mentioned or the cooperative game. Decisions, decisions. After thinking about it over the last couple of days, I asked friends from other colleges whom have completed their degree in multimedia and what they advised me to do is to try something adventurous, something that wasn’t done before. So I listed my two multimedia project ideas to them and they preferred the cooperative game. On adding to there previous advice they told me that there currently is a better market for cooperative games at the minute and that the idea has really got potential if we as a group can complete it. So after thinking long and hard of the obstacles that could occur, sorry that probably will occur. I decided that both project are achievable if you get into a good group of workers. So now, I decided to go around the class, yet again, conversing in various talks on projects and what multimedia project idea did they prefer. They also said the cooperative game, because it sounds new and innovative. So to me that was the decider. Now as I know James Heffernan is interested in doing this cooperative game, I just need to get the rest of a group. Let the search begin.


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