The Group! ~ Daryl

Finally after talking to numerous classmates in class and in my sphere time. I feel I have found a brilliant group to be a part of. I know the people in a previous post i mentioned i would have loved to work with them and their adventurous ideas, but i still got a pretty strong group with admiration for this project after talking to them about it.

The Group: it consists of me, Patrick Sliney, Sarah Bennion and James Heffernan. The project we have finalized upon is creating a Cooperative Game.

The roles: of the group are currently still being decided, however I feel it is pretty balanced in programming,design,audio,writing and project management.

The idea: It originally spurred from me and James Heffernan mentioning to each other at the start of the year about a game of sorts, but who would have thought it would develop into a cooperative one.

So now the fun really starts. Throughout the coming weeks we plan to schedule meetings in order to start research, development and in depth studies for this cooperative game, In order to find out how to make one and what is the best way to make it. During those times I will currently keep blogging to keep everyone up to date on how our game is developing. Currently at the minute we are still debating in class with our lectures on expanding our ideas, what do you want to achieve and what platform/platforms would this be ideal for, etc. But all I say is let the fun commence.


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