Here is a quick glimpse of our product pitch, enjoy!


The “Major Project”

So I havent posted here in a while, and the truth of the matter is that I had so much time and little to do… Sorry strike that reverse it!!

Yes I have turned my attention to my 3rd year major project.

To get everyone up to speed – I originally wanted to make a utility for schools, possibly a game or a productivity app. After assembling my group this idea transformed into an educational game, then to a co-op for tablets (because there aren’t many) and now to a multi-platform multiple player game that has both competitive multiplayer and co-operative elements to it.

If that isn’t a prime example of design development, I do not know what is!

For this project I am going to be the programmer and environment designer.

This is a quick run through of the project. The project did take a few days to complete, this is really a sped up version of the process. The soldering was the most time consuming part.

I also have another video illustrating the programming involved be sure to check that one out!

NOTE ** if you know what parts you need I would suggest skipping to 1.30

Prezi Link: Astraeus

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