Bigger than just a Project

After attending Offset 2012 and more recently Dublin Web Summit 2012; it has become increasingly obvious to me that a product is no longer a product. Likewise a project can no longer be a project. They are a brand. A brand that extends beyond its primary form. A project is now part of a bigger story. In many ways it probably always was; only now the user takes it for granted that it is.

This concept has been proven countless times in recent years; one of which is the explosion of the “Angry Birds” merchandising. Plush toys, key-rings, graphic design, illustrations and a Tv show to name a few. Each helping each other – making the game a stronger game and a better brand. The success of the project is determined by how much potential it has and by how people know of it.

So lets pair things back. The primary goal: make a cool, good game. The secondary goal: make it known. Previous graduate projects have focused on the first aspect more than the second. I believe we need both. We should stop thinking about project and merchandising and advertising as separate entities and start believing them as the one item. The Brand. It is this that is key.

An interesting article about creative advertising in the form of a story or documentary can be found here. I believe this technique boasts a lot of potential for a preliminary demo of Astraeus that could be launched online and shown alongside the final piece.


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