Building multiplayer games

One of the goals for the Astraeus project is the multiplayer feature. Not many mobile games have this feature yet. Why? The answer could be one of many. However for those interested in this concept what options are there?
To put it simply – as networking in general can be quite complex; we have two options:
LAN – local area network
Or server based.

In a mobile sense what does this mean? Say you are playing “Mario Kart ” on your DS and you want to play your mate but he doesn’t have the game. Its simple you turn on multiplayer and host the game. What is actually happening here is you are playing the game across a local area network. In this case it is called a WAN ; that is a Wireless area network.

We can achieve similar results on mobile platforms now.
Technology wise what is needed? Well Bluetooth can offer peer-to-peer capabilities but wi-fi offers much more features. But I thought wifi required a router? This has been the case but recently the WIFI Alliance launched a new protocol called wi-fi direct. This allows two or more devices to connect to each other without the need to connect to a network or hotspot.

Pretty nifty. But say I was going down the route of using adobe technologies with the release of their gaming SDK it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. To accomplish connection between two devices you will need to setup a NetConnection. This uses RTMP as the messaging protocol. Adobe Air supports peer to peer connections.

Lets look at some examples:

This is the great and seemingly easy card game that is being played across numerous devices; by Paul Trani.

And this is androideroids.. I think it speaks for itself.

Now research for the project is still being conducted for the Unreal Engine. As the requirements for the project are starting to push us in that direction. However let us have a look at some of the games that have been developed with the platform:


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