Story and Objectives

Mission 1
A RUMBLE and then a loud BOOM as four drop pods smash into the ground. Each player emerges and powers on a large searchlight. The players are now in control.

Player Goal : Investigate Colony, Locate Survivors.
Music: Unnerving, underlying sense of dread.
The players move through the remains of the colony occasionally catching glimpses of things scurrying in the dark, shadows moving across the walls and hearing unnatural howls.
Upon reaching an abandoned checkpoint an audio file alluding to an attack on checkpoint will play. The checkpoint has several dead guards littered around it, their bodies torn apart. When the audio log finishes another howl is heard close by as enemies emerge from the darkness at all angles.
Player Goal : Eliminate Hostiles
Music: Heavy war drums alongside a sense of desperation
The players are forced to fight at all angles. The enemies will constantly re-spawn in the shadows, after killing a set number of enemies the players are tasked with falling back inside the compound. The horde will remain in pursuit.
Player Goal : Hack Bulkhead Door, Fallback.
The players must designated one player to hack the door unless the appropriate upgrade has been taken. The door hacking takes 45 seconds. The defending players must avoid being pushed back and cornered or they will be eliminated by overwhelming numbers. The door takes a further 15 seconds to open and close.
When all surviving players are inside the mission ends.

The screeches and howls of the alien horde can be heard outside. Their futile slams and bangs against the door slowly die out. Red emergency lighting floods the weaving hallways, casting an uncomfortable amount of shadow. The complex has be blasted into debris in a desperate last stand.
Player Goal: Reach Central Command Chamber
Music: Ambience
Players weave through the complex fighting off attacks as they burst from vents and rail under the floor. The players must be careful not to cross each other’s line of fire in the confined environment. Players can also seal of sections forcing enemies to find alternate attack paths.
The players will eventually find themselves in a large indoor garden area. The defensive covers on the roof have failed to fully close. Enemies begin to pour in from the area and players will find themselves at a massive disadvantage if they try to fight off the waves from this open position.
Music: Heavy war drums alongside a sense of desperation
The players should press on and funnel the enemies through the hallways. Forcing the attackers to bunch up into chokepoints. During this sequence players will be introduced to a large heavy enemy that absorbs a large amount of damage and can smash through barriers.
When players reach central control they lock down the facility and repower security system. They are currently unable to connect with control due to the storm and must hold out.
Player Goal: Secure Facility
The players are now tasked with clearing the facility out. Upon completion the mission ends.

The rain is beating down the night it blotted out by storm cloud. Lightning occasionally illuminates great distances. However outside of the mission start point and the power conduits rooftops, the only illumination comes from armor mounted search lights.
Player Goal: Link the power conduits
Music: Ambience
The players are tasked with traversing the facilities rooftops in an attempt to restore power to the Satellite transmitter. This will allow them to make contact with the ship in orbit.

The players must re-route power conduits from the surrounding buildings to the central hub. Upon re-routing the power from one location to the central hub, that area will be cast into darkness.
During this mission the players will be forced to engage with intelligent squads of enemies. These squads are winged and carry ranged weapons. Unlike the previous bestial horde these aggressors will retreat to heal, set up ambushes and divide and conquer. They may also direct lesser creatures. The first group of these will attack on the players return from the first conduit.
When the players have re-routed the power. They must defend the Satellite as it powers on and uploads the message to the ship.
Player Goal: Protect the Satellite Transmitter and eliminate attackers
Music: Intense War Drums
The players will be attacked by waves of enemies made up of every type encounter so far. During this section they will also encounter yet another new enemy type. This enemy is similar to the armored tank from the previous level. However this enemy is less durable and prefers to engage in ranged combat. Upon death this enemy explodes, damaging both the player and all enemies around it.
The mission ends if the players can eliminate all the attackers before the Satellite is destroyed.
The mission fails if the Satellite is destroyed.


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