User interface design development ~ Daryl

User interface, that has been developed over Xmas break along with additional designs for script. All designs below are created solely created by the group Astraeus.

 Analog controlsanalog 1 white analog 2 white analog 3 white analog 4 white

Button Controls
controls 1 white controls 2 white controls 3 white

Instruction Screen
controls WHITE

Health barshealth bar 3 WHITE 20 health bar 3 WHITE 50 health bar 3 WHITE 100 health bar 4 WHITE 20 health bar 4 WHITE 50 health bar 4 WHITE 100 HEALTH BAR WHITE 20 HEALTH BAR WHITE 50 HEALTH BAR WHITE 100 healthbar 2 WHITE 20 healthbar 2 WHITE 50 healthbar 2 WHITE 100 User Interface with ControlsMOCK UP UI 1 bground MOCK UP UI 2 bground MOCK UP UI 3 bground

Pause menupuase menu 2puase menu 2 inside Radar ScreensMAP1 WHITE MAP2 white MAP3 WHITE MAP4 WHITE


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