3ds max to UDK textures ~ Daryl

So i have been researching how to get textures into udk from 3ds max and i have finally figured out the best method in doing this. You basically texture in 3ds max, You go to your modify panel UVWunwrap nd flatten image and texture all of that flattened detail in photoshop and once you bring it back into max and apply it to your model you then export your model as a ASE file and then your render out your texture as a separate item (render to texture) and in this process click out as a difuse map and have setting as 1024×768 px and save as tga file and then render it out and that it in 3ds max. Now open up UDK and import both objects (which are separate items) model and the texture. Once you import your model which is ASE file and leave it as normal settings after import model. Now when importing your texture leave as normal setting and now double click on model and select uv chanel on your model and this shows you what needs to be mapped. Now right click in open box where your two imports are and select option new material and now click and drag the material texture into this new box/window and using the node system drag the black box/rgb colour to the diffuse parameter. Now click back into your model, while still having the new material parameter selected and inside the model window select  lodinfo panel int the model and sleect the zero elemetn and select the new parameter in the content browser and now the material is applied to your model like it was before in 3ds max.



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