Modeling Dev Part 1 – Daryl

So now that i have finally figured out the correct procedure in uvw unwrapping and baking model for textures to have an AO. I have now began finishing up my models and applying textures to them. Please view the process below:

Step 1: In the modifier tap click and choose uvwUnwrap and using the video as i previously mentioned that aided me in unwraping via the use of the edge – seam method. Where i highlighted and loop edge and cover it to a seam and flatten that part of the object and i follow this method through until all parts of the object is flattened/unfolded like a jigsaw.


Step 2: Apply a checkered material onto the object to make sure the proportions of the squares are equally balanced throughoutt the overall object, in order to make sure the texure will spread evenly. Then apply the default gray material  from compact editor onto the one object (all pieces be attached so that no problems may occur, if it is just one solid object). Then throw in a skylight into the scene to help object project self shadows.


Step 3: Go to the render to texture set up and check 512×512 dimesnsions and complete map and save out the AO model, targa image.


Step 3: In Photoshop apply detail to the targa image your after exporting. Like below: then once you imagery is placed onto the orgional rendered out image place that up as th top layer and change it channel to multiple (if wanted and shadows or highlights place on top of this layer) Then save it out as a new targa image or replace the current one you are using.

tableAOTableAOCompleteMapStep 5: Go back into 3ds max and in the diffuse channel choose the targa image you just have created and apply it to your object and the result is as below.



So i will now repeat this process for all objects until ihave all my models textured. Note i will post up process of oter object but the steps remain the exact same.


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