Programming Series

Hello everyone. Recently a number of people have asked how I have been programming this game. I realise that most of what I have shown and discussed to-date has been more of a finished product than the making of.

This was intentional as most of the scripting for games like this happens in the background and noticeable effects are sometimes not apparent until you build upon those scripts later, and they become part of a bigger interaction.

To help illustrate the time and effort required for a project like this in a programming sense I will be recording a web series on the basics of Kismet and Unrealscript for anyone looking to know more about the language or are just interested into how this project was made.

However this is an ongoing project and more tutorial / lecture – “ish” videos will feature toward the end on topics like GameCenter and Setting up iOS provisioning licences for  distribution.

To start you off on your quest I invite you to read some books namely:

  1. Beginning iOS 3D Unreal Games Development – Robert Chin
  2. Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript Beginners Guide – Rachel Cordone
  3. Programming AI – Example

These were the books that started me off and I would highly recommend them


Programming test arena 1

A test arena for the up coming game. Naturally the game assets where just some default UDK assets but it is the programming that I am interested in here.

The game is controlled by an ipod touch for testing.

The character is now visible in 3rd person
The is a a radar on screen
The radar updates the players position relative to enemies
ammo counter
health counter
player has a weapon
tapping the screen fires – primary
added secondary button
tapping this fires secondary weapon
fixed the door problem (it now opens on both sides)
added ai
working on getting the AI to fire and follow the player
player can kill AI

Game Arena — Programming test

For the past few weeks I have been testing and building a test arena for our game. The arena will hold all the possible game interactions needed to play the game. As this is a new platform for me , it is literally learning while doing. So far things are running smoothly. I thought I would share with you a simple yet useful illustration detailing the scale conversion from a 3d package like 3ds max or Maya to UDK.