Eat 3d: Unreal development Kit and IOS – Daryl

So now that I am basically at the stage of UDK integration from my 3ds max files and textures all loaded into the program. I now want to add sounds and lighting and set up my textures correctly for mobile optimization.  Well for this I decided to do a bit more research online to see what I can find and I had found a brilliant video dvd to purchase, I Looked more in depth and initially seen numerous reviews and the sample video looked amazing of how to set up and iPhone game from UDK, giving the user all great info, what poly counts can the Iphone withstand and how to integrate various other elements that will aid me in designing this game and helping publish and run without problem on the IOS. It is a great tutorial video I bought and you can roughly see in the sample tut video.  The video goes through vast info and without doubt this tutorial is defiantly making it a lot easier for me to publish on iPhone. Thank god for the UDK genius.


Optimizing the polycount – Daryl

Now finally i have reached an vital stage of the game. This is vital for smooth operation on the IOS system. The polycount is quite limited on mobile devices in comparison to consoles as i have noted. But i have found a useful tutorial in aiding me how to check my poly-count and optimize objects by using editable mesh and optimize modifier. Aswell as removing additional unnecessary lines by looping an ringing them and hitting control backpace to remove those edges and vertices. A great aided tutorial in helping me optimize this game for the iphone.